I craft jewellery that people are dreaming about

I will make you an engagement ring, a wedding ring or any other custom made jewellery.
I will materialize your thoughts and ideas of perfect beauty.

Unique person, unique jewellery

The most perfect things are created with passion. My passion is designing and crafting of unique pieces of jewellery. Did you dream about becoming a pilot, a cosmonaut, or a cop in your childhood? I have always known that I wanted to be a goldsmith and thus to follow a similar life path to my father, who belongs to one of the most respected metal engraving artist in the Czech Republic.

A childhood dream has become a reality. I finished my studies in the field of jewellery making, where I learned the ropes and secrets of processing precious metals and stones. Right after finishing my studies I started my own business and could fully materialize all my ideas in design and jewellery crafting.

custom made jewellery


The craft has not died

Escape your everyday routine and show your exceptionality.  Breathe the life into jewellery that no one else in the world has. Handmade jewellery is always original pieces. They carry the life experience and the passion of a craftsman who shapes their distinctive soul. For the one standing by their birth they grow dear to his heart.The jewellery must be perfect especially in the eyes of its owner. If you wish, I can enrich your perception with my knowledge, experience and the latest trends in jewellery crafting.

I am not afraid of unusual materials and, in the crafting jewellery I always pay attention to a close cooperation with the customer so that the final work is enriched by his vision and the jewellery for him is more than just a body decoration. That is why you will not find in my assortment hundreds of ready-made jewellery pieces. I prefer custom-made work, thanks to which the customers actually take away what they wish for. It will be my pleasure if you decide to use my services. My customer always has to get what he really desires.

Me and my craft

Luboš Korbička at work