Allow us to take you on a journey to our Korbicka’s workshop, where we create unique bespoke pieces for special occasions in your life. Engagements and wedding rings, which will become the symbol of your love.


The master goldsmith and founder of the Korbicka brand, studied jewellery design and as a goldsmith, which introduced him to the mysteries of working with precious metal and gems. This is where he fell in love with coloured gems, which he uses until today to produce unique pieces of jewellery. He gradually perfected his knowledge to become a true master of his profession. After finishing his studies, he decided to set up his own business and bring to life his own unique jewellery design concepts. His aim from the beginning was to make bespoke jewellery and he made his Korbicka brand synonymous with quality, creativity and exceptional craftsmanship.

He likes to travel and visit mines where a lot of the gems are excavated. For example, he visited Colombia, which is known particularly for emeralds. It was very dangerous, but at the same time exciting. He particularly enjoys working with rare atypical gems. He enjoys best of all working with coloured gems, such as emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines and tourmalines, which offer a great range of colours.

Thanks to his many years of experience he continues to move the boundaries of what is possible with designing jewellery and he enjoys creating truly unique pieces for his clients. The Korbicka team today consists of a number of jewellers, goldsmiths and setters, which alongside Lubos, bring his proposals to life. They are the true masters of the trade and a shining example of what can achieved through hard work and dedication and love for what you do. Apart from his workshop team, Lubos also has a team of people which help clients choose the right pieces of jewellery as well as the everyday running of the business.