Engagement rings

Whether you decide to propose at a romantic dinner or at home in the living room, one thing will
make this moment unique in all circumstances. A hand-made engagement ring.
The right size and original design are a guarantee of success.

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Great occasion

A romantic dinner in a first class restaurant, romantic music and finally a marriage proposal with an engagement ring. This scenario seems to be a dream of almost every woman since her childhood. Proposals can take various forms and may occur in different locations. However, there is one thing that should not be ever missed. And that is the engagement ring. It does not matter if you hide it in a flower, champagne glass, or decide for a classic bent knee proposal. 

And it does not really matter where the proposal is carried out. A romantic dinner is a classic, but if you want to take your sweetheart by surprise, you can ask for a loved one's hand in marriage e.g. in the living room. But believe me, the original engagement ring makes every moment unique. A marriage proposal is the moment no woman will ever forget. That's why it's important to plan the occasion properly. To prove how unique your love is for you, get a truly unique ring for her. A unique ring does not necessarily mean a huge diamond and hundreds of thousand crowns. Handmade work makes each ring unique because it is made with a great care and love for the craft.

Dapping tools for diamond setting
jewelry tool | © Korbička Šperky s.r.o.

Proper selection

When choosing such an engagement ring, you must bear in mind that it is traditionally worn even after the wedding, along with the wedding ring. Therefore, it must be of high quality to last for many decades without major changes and signs of damage. Precision work on every piece really pays off. I take my job very seriously and precise. I give it my all in every piece of jewellery.

Do not forget to select the right size. Adjusting the size is possible, but it's always an intervention in new jewellery. In addition, your fiancée will be very happy with the ring and will not wish to wait for its adjustment until it can be worn.

Luboš Korbička 
Mr. Korbička at work. | © Korbička Šperky s.r.o.

I will fulfil your wishes

If you are not sure which ring to choose, it is best to follow the infamous fashion rule: Less is more. A simple ring with a fine stone will appeal to both sportswomen and true ladies. But if your wife prefers distinctive jewels, choose one that everyone will notice right away.

I gladly make you any ring from the current portfolio. You can choose white or yellow gold, whether zircon should be set in instead of a stone, or whether you wish to prove to a woman her uniqueness with a real diamond. As I specialize in custom manufacturing, you will not find dozens of rings here, but rather a sample of the classic pieces I make. However, if the ring is to be completely original, or if you have a different idea, I would gladly produce it according to your wishes. As a partner of your loved one, you know best what would make her happy. So do not hesitate to have your ideas be heard.

Ready for inner engraving
Ring ready for inner engraving. | © Korbička Šperky s.r.o.