Please look into the dazzling world of coloured gems, a perfect marriage between the goldsmith’s mastery and natural stones.  In our goldsmiths’ workshop, we go beyond boundaries, in order to create unique pieces of jewellery which tell extraordinary stories.  Let us introduce you to the gems we work the most with.


Emerald is the most precious gem of the beryl variety. Its beautiful green colour has no comparison in the world of jewellery. The intensity of the colour depends on the quantity of chrome and vanadium in the material. The more chrome and vanadium present in the gem, more more intense the green colour. Especially with emeralds, the colour is the most important factor, even greater than with other gems. The most valued shade of that colour, is a rich green colour with  shades of blue. Such a stone would be marked as a Colombian emerald, whilst this attribution doesn’t have to correspond with its country of origin.  

The Muzo region in Colombia is one of the most important locations for emerald mining in the world. The emeralds from this region are well known for their rich green colour and exceptional purity. Muzo has long been known as the place with the highest quality and the most beautiful emeralds in the world. You can also read about how Lubos Korbicka went to the emerald mines in Colombia to find beautiful emeralds for his client.

Emeralds symbolise immortality and faith. They support communication, truthfulness and create harmony in all aspects of life. In relationships they support home happiness, fidelity and sensitivity. According to the Hindu tradition, the emerald is the symbol of the heart chakra, which is intertwined with intuition.  


The fascinating colour of tourmaline has many origins. It is a complex crystalline silicate mineral, in which boron is compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, sodium, lithium and titanium. It is the iron and titanium which are responsible for the shades of green and blue. Manganese leads to the red tones, possibly pink and also yellow tones in the gem. Some tourmalines could have gained the rose or yellow colour from irradiation, be it natural or possibly synthetic. There are no two similar stones to be found anywhere in the world, each one is unique. Scientists are mesmerised by this gem because of its physical attributes and designers love it because of the number of opportunities it offers.

Tourmaline is the gem of love, friendship and conviviality. It secures strength and stability in relationships, strengthens the body and spirit and keeps the nervous system in harmony. It is also known to increase creativity, which is why many artists keep them as a talisman. Tourmaline is also sometimes known as an electric gem, because, thanks to its static electrical nature, it attracts things other than just dust and other impurities. This unique characteristic of tourmaline has a favourable effect the human organism and that is why it is considered to be a gem which protects wellbeing. Tourmaline is in many aspects unique and never has adverse effects. It works in the owner’s favour, brings happiness and absorbs negative vibrations, reduces stress, anger, fear and is a protective shaman’s gem.

We also like to work with bicolour tourmalines which are gems of a unique combination of two or more colours in one gem. They occur as the result of a change in the concentration of elements in the surrounding environment, or a change in thermal fluctuations, which causes the crystal to grow with different chemical consistency and therefore different colours. Their rarity and uniqueness is reflected in their high cost and the great demand for them.


Aquamarine is the blue coloured variety of the beryl group of minerals. It is known for its breathtaking blue colour, which resembles the surface of the sea, or a clear blu sky. The colour is caused by small particles of iron in the crystal during formation. Some aquamarines can be heat treated to make the blue colour stand out more. When heating aquamarine to between 400 and 450 degrees celsius, you can eliminate unwanted greenish or yellowish shades from the gem. Most aquamarines however are not treated in any way, since they have naturally beautiful colour.  

Aquamarine is considered to have a positive effect on marriage, since it helps partners overcome their differences. This blue gem secures long term harmonious relationships and positively effects emotional and spiritual balance, which is why it is often used as a healing medium against anxiety. Thanks to its blue colour, aquamarine is suitable for meditation, since it brings peace, inspiration and enhances personal strength and aura. 


Sapphire is the second hardest gem in the world, second only to diamond.  Although sapphires are often known to be intense blue in colour, they occur in a wide variety of colours. This beautiful gem could be found in shades of blue, green, rose, yellow, purple or orange. From these beautiful sapphires of various colours, we have created delightful rings and bracelets. For many centuries they have played an important part in coronation jewels, or engagement rings and they are the most popular gems used in jewellery. For generations, sapphires have been a symbol of truth, honesty and fidelity. They bring peace, joy and wisdom to the bearer. In the past, sapphire was considered a good luck charm, which would protect its wearer on their adventures. The strength of sapphires is apparently such that it does not cease to protect the original owner, even though the gem may now be worn by somebody else. According to records from the middle ages, sapphires support wisdom and intellect.


Amethyst is one of the most precious gems from the quartz group of minerals. Thanks to small particles of iron and aluminium, it has a delightful purple hue. The purple colour has been for centuries considered one of the symbols of royal status, which is why amethyst is often used in many coronation jewels. It was recognised as an important symbol by the Christian Church and that is why amethyst became the gem symbolising Bishops’ status. Amethyst has a wide range of purple shades, from light, through to dark and with rose tones. The most valued are rich coloured shades, especially purple with flashes of rose red shades and a dark purple with reddish and blue tones. Such amethysts with blue and reddish flashes are called ‘Siberian Amethysts’.

Amethyst brings its bearer patience, balance and peace. It is considered to be a protective gem, which shields against bad dreams, stress and lack of energy. According to the Hindu tradition, it has positive effects on the heart chakra and apparently helps strengthen intuition. It was also considered to be a useful gem by healers and shamans, according to them, amethyst helps against backache, headache and helps people who are being treated for alcoholism.  

We hope that our article about coloured gems was useful and that you have learned something new about these rare and beautiful gifts of nature. We are here to help you create a piece of jewellery according to your imagination. Please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a personal meeting. We are looking forward to your visit and we will together help you discover the magic and uniqueness of coloured gems.